This CONTENTS page is the central point from which all information on the Photohistory SA Web site is accessed. In the frame at the left you will find choices that you can make. Some will lead to another page where you can make more choices, others to a single page, but all have a link which will return you to this central point where you can make a new selection.

If you choose Photographers you will go to a page where you can choose a photographer's name from a list and jump to an entry with information about him. Choose Miscellaneous and you will go to a page where you can choose from a variety of subjects, such as Eye Rest, Head Rest, Post Mortem Photography, Artificial Light Photography, and many more.

However, if this is your first visit to this site I suggest you try A Quick Look first. Here you will find a medley of paragraphs that will give you a brief look at many different aspects of South Australian photographic history, including the famous and the infamous, what was being done and when, and some of the different phases that photography in South Australian went through.

The section Dating C de V's includes examples of all known carte de visite imprints used by Townsend Duryea and gives approximate dates for them. You may have cartes which could help refine this dating system. Colouring, (hand) deals the hand colouring of photographs and the artists employed by the studios.

However, remember that this is a trial site only and that many parts of it are still under construction. Some files are not complete, while others are listed on a menu but, being marked in black, have not as yet been transferred from my cyclopedia to this Web site. If the site is made permanent all files will eventually be transferred here.